If you have an employment contract with your employer or have been asked to sign a contract, it may be difficult to interpret the complex terms without the assistance of an employment attorney.  Not only could the contract affect your immediate employment, but if your employer offers you a monetary severance, the contract could affect future job opportunities. 

Generally, employment is considered “at will,” but an employer’s right to terminate you may be limited by an actual or implied contract.  For example, a contract could specify a length of time for employment or allow termination only “for cause.”  Employment contract issues also arise when your employer breaches the contract by taking negative employment action against you in violation of your contract, an employee handbook, or other mandatory company-wide policies.  If you have completed a project or duty in exchange for an employer’s promise to compensate you, you may have a cause of action under contract law.  

If you are a salesperson and your employer has denied you a commission or bonus based upon a contractual agreement or performance of a duty, we have years of experience obtaining positive results for employees who are owed substantial compensation.  Lopez & Wu has had particular success recovering payment for services under the Maryland Wage Payment and Collection Law. 

After reviewing your contract or severance, the attorneys at Lopez & Wu will analyze the terms and advise you on the options available to you.  With our experience in negotiation, we can potentially increase the compensation and benefits for which you are entitled.  We will provide practical advice and present a variety options for you to make an informed decision. 

We advise and represent individuals and negotiate with employers with respect to the full-range of employment-related contracts, including: 

  • Commission or sales-based contracts; 

  • Non-solicitation agreements;

  • Confidentiality agreements; 

  • Executive employment agreements;

  • Deferred compensation agreements; 

  • Severance agreements; 

  • Employment and benefits contracts;

  • Stock-option agreements; and

  • Mandatory arbitration agreements. 


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